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"People know that if you bought a Leah Nickel Art job, for example, you probably have considerable financial strength."
More and more private individuals who are tired of Dali or Matisse posters are looking for original art, so that they can decorate their home or as a long-term investment, where can you buy Israeli art, what is important to check before buying and how much will it cost you?
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Leah Nickel as an investment: In the current price situation of Lea Nickel's works, most collectors will have a hard time attaching her good work to their collection. Its large oil work can sell for over $ 50,000.
Most collectors will have to settle for a small work or a print by Leah Nickel, and dream of the day when they will be able to look at her large oil painting hanging in full class

“Lea Nikel – New Aquarelles 2004 2005” 

Curator: Milna Gitzin-Adiram

Tel Aviv Museum of Art. “Lea Nikel - A Retrospective, 1995”

Curator: Late Michael Segen-Cohen

Secondary Curator : Irit Hadar

“Lea Nikel – The Parisian Years 1950-1961”
Curators: Noa Tarshish and Sorin Heller

Presentation from the exhibition: "Leah Nickel's Show" Gallery Shlush 2013

Local color: Israeli art from the Hillel Tal collection

"The Base" - Talks on Israeli Art: Leah Nickel and Alima Rita

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